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Points of difference | Standard POS features

Points of difference (value proposition):


Device agnostic (works on any device).

  • mPOS devices

  • Flexibility - use Apple iOS, Android or Windows.

  • Choose the hardware you are familiar with.

  • Select the best value devices.

  • Use hardware that suites your requirement, old is fine else uses the latest gadgets.

Unlimited devices
Add more devices for free

  • Pricing

  • Use more devices during peak times.

  • Handle a higher volume of customers.

  • Lower costs.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)
Built in as standard.
  • Kitchen Display System (KDS)

  • Any screen device can view KDS tickets.
  • Ticket expansion - show which tickets have been started
  • Ticket timer - show how long the order has been placed
  • Graphical time fuse on all tickets
  • All cleared orders can be viewed on the virtual spike
  • View the entire days order history
  • No lost tickets - the virtual spike hold all orders
  • No unreadable tickets - all orders in double size text
  • Retrieve any ticket that is accidently cleared
  • Category selection on a per screen basis

Graphical Displays &
Button images

  • Button Images

  • Full button images or mixed with name and price

  • Intuitive operation

  • Faster service times

Choose your own card payment facilities.
Integrated or stand alone terminals.

  • Integrated payment services

  • Integrates with the latest payment technology.

  • Seek out the lowest cost credit card processing facilities.

  • Avoid being locked into a particular EFTPOS provider.

  • Eliminate manual entry keying errors.

  • Speed up service times.

  • All linked terminal services are provided free of charge.

Remote ordering for regular customers.


  • Order ahead & online ordering.
  • No transaction fees, no costly add-ons required.
  • Built in as standard.

  • Regular customers can order ahead to avoid queueing.
  • Works on all phones, tablets and computers.

  • Customers sign in here:
  • Or download the App.

Extensive customisable reporting

  • Reporting

  • Real-time reports available anywhere anytime.

  • Complete order history gives you full auditing capabilities.

  • Improve strategic decision making with detailed trend analysis.

  • Control costs using category breakdowns and staff sales.

  • Ability to share all data in a variety of formats.

Inventory management.

  • Best sellers

  • Built in inventory control, item count is automatic.
  • Configurable to count up or down.

  • Max/min alerts and descriptions.
  • Clearable at any interval.
  • Select an inventory model that suits your needs, can be simple or detailed depending on your requirements.

Intelligent Printers
  • Printing

  • Wireless printing from any device to any printer.

  • Orders can be directed to any printer (category routing).

  • The fastest printing available (300mm per second).
  • No drivers or software installation required.

  • Multiple prints - duplicate, triplicate etc.
  • Can use a sim card & wireless hot spot model.

Unlimited categories and product items.
Usable on all devices.

  • Vertical and horizontal scrolling allows faster access to more items.

  • Adjustable rows and columns, set per device.

  • Pinch & zoom for fast clean operation.

  • Unlimited - Categories.

  • Unlimited - Product items.

  • Unlimited - Modifiers.

Take care of your regular customers -
Research shows they're 80% of your business.

  • Regular customers -
    Name, Address, Phone Number, Other ID,
    Email Address, Credit Limit, Funds Balance,
    Visit Count, Percentage Loyalty & Cumulative Spend.

  • Manage tab accounts & club membership.
  • Built in bar-coded loyalty system.
  • Ideal for Bowls clubs, Golf cubs etc.

No software installation required.
The set up is all on line.
  • 100% up time plus work offline if required.

  • Current service availability & latency times.

  • No maintenance requirements.
  • Always up to date with the latest features.

  • No UPS or battery back up required.
  • The entire service runs within a browser.

Single click menu changes
  • DIY menu updates from easy to edit spreadsheets.

  • Updates hit all connected devices.
  • Instant menu updates from anywhere in the world.
  • Use different menus for different service times.

  • Built in search with auto complete, enables new users to quickly find menu items.
  • Supports barcodes, QR codes, universal product code (UPC), price look up codes (PLU) or unique character/s.
  • Voice activation available.

Notes on any order item.
Takes care of customers unique requests:

  1. Select the menu item.

  2. Use the virtual keyboard to edit notes for the item.

  3. Notes & names appear on prints and bump screens.

Customer tracking & loyalty for
takeAway & delivery options..

  • Split bills and split payments

  • Hold and resume unlimited concurrent sales transactions.
  • Integrated Google maps to verify delivery addresses are correct.

  • Automatic calculation of outstanding amounts.
  • Retrospective order insertion, when the customer changes their mind.
  • Regular customers, favorite orders, tabs & accounts

  • Modifiers
  • Adjustable user interface to suit the form factor and screen size of the device.
  • Cumulative spend and visit count.

Multiple receipt clearing options, can be set
differently per register or device.

  • Ordering modes (Clearing)

  • Ensures you receive payment for all orders placed.

  • Manual - Dine in then pay type businesses like restaurants.
  • Auto on paid - Fast service scenarios e.g. coffee shops & bars.
  • Auto on paid and served - Take-away or situations using bump screens, e.g. pop-up food vans.

  • Individual checkouts with separate payment totals.

Ordering modes -
Select the option to suit your process.

  • Ordering modes (Item Selection)

  • Sequential - Order items are listed sequentially.
  • Modifies stay directly under the last order item.

  • Multiply / Add / Insert - Most powerful.
  • Allows retrospective insertion at any location in the order list.
  • Place the cursor to switch to sequential layout.

Balancing & Cash management.

  • Balancing totals

  • Update in real time.
  • Sales, discounts, cash, card, other, regulars, tax, tips.
  • View online.

  • Cash drawer and float managemnt.
  • Export end of day or shift totals.

Transaction journal.

  • Full time stamped history of all orders and payment details.

  • CreateDate, Table, Covers, Customer, Category, MenuItem, Price , Multiplier, Divisor, Notes, User, DiscountPercent, Tax, Tip , Cash, Card, Other, Total.
Other built in features
are standard on all devices.

  • Built in KDU's (kitchen display units) and bump screens make paper-less kitchen operation possible.

  • All screens and registers remain synchronised with a one second update time.

  • Off Line operation if the Internet is not available.

  • Continuous automatic data backup.

  • Dynamically customise and change the floor plan overview in seconds.

Other features:

Use the latest IP payment terminals that sync with handheld devices. Integrate with the latest PIN and Chip devices and NFC payment technologies, perfect for pay at table.
Background updates to the cloud. Routine tasks are handled automatically.
Synchronised POS screens.All terminals and devices stay up to date.
Simple intuitive user interface. Productivity gains, no lost time learning the system, fast service.
Operate off line if required.No down time ever!