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Video of a KDS in operation

Video - Shows how the KDS operates


Bump Screens

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) shown here, are natively built into SplitAbility and require no set-up or configuration.
Future-proof your business with the paper-less option.

Active touch check-boxes

The active touch check-boxes are a key to operational efficiency. They provide staff with a means to identify which orders are taken and which orders are free and require preparation.

As orders are entered at the register, each KDS screen synchronizes automatically to show the upcoming orders. After the order is sent the "Done" button becomes active and check-boxes appear beside each order item.

Using the check-boxes is optional and their status is propagated instantly to all stations. Overview or expedite screens can be used to co-ordinate entire orders. Once the order is completed, pressing the "Done" button clears the order from the KDS screen.

Tablet Screens

  • Use any type of screen - Windows, Android or Apple

  • Tablets can be fixed to the wall to save space

  • Category selection on a per screen or per station basis

  • Save on back of house operational costs

  • A cleaner & greener mistake free solution

Android tablets used as bump screens
in a high volume cafe

Get it right every time

Orders update instantly
category filtering simplifies the ticket

  • Ticket expansion - show which tickets have been started

  • Ticket timer - shows how long the order has been placed

  • Graphical time fuse on all tickets

  • All cleared orders can be viewed on the virtual spike

  • View the entire days order history

Lower cost of operation

Monitor mounts

  • Heads up as the order is being placed

  • No physical kitchen printers required

  • Save on printer paper costs

  • Run as many screens as required, specific categories show on the screens required

Monitor mounts