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Paper-less Kitchens

Bump Screens

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) shown here, are natively built into SplitAbility and operate without any configuration.


No printers, no shuffling paper tickets around the kitchen, the instant an order starts, it appears on a display monitor.

Any screen device can view KDS tickets.

Video of a KDS in operation

KDS in operation
Paperless equals environmentally friendly


Get it right every time

Mistake free operation

View only the categories required

  • Ticket expansion - show which tickets have been started

  • Ticket timer - show how long the order has been placed

  • Graphical time fuse on all tickets

  • All cleared orders can be viewed on the virtual spike

  • View the entire days order history

Heads up on what's coming!

Lower cost of operation

Monitor mounts

  • No physical kitchen printers required

  • Save on printer paper costs

  • Run as many screens as required, specific categories show on the screens required

  • A cleaner & greener solution

Monitor mounts