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Tab Accounts

The system has built-in support for tab accounts.
Tabs can be used in association with regulars to provide loyalty functionality.

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Cached orders can be used to provide tabs via the "Hold" & "Retrieve" function.
The "Find" button enables the search field and shows orders that are retrievable.

Once an order is retrieved the "Hold" button becomes active.
The diagram below shows the basic flow:

Hold / Retrieve / Find

Orders can be re-named to non-regular names to identify who owes each tab.
However tabs associated with regulars provide a means to track tab amounts beyond a cleared tab order.

Tracked amounts include: These amounts are updated / incremented as regular orders are cleared.

Renaming an order to a "Regular", associates that order with the regular and shows it's account information.

Note: Click the orders "Name" for the rename function.

How to Create Tabs:

Regulars can be associated with orders either before or after taking the order i.e.

1. Before taking the order.
2. After taking the order
Note: In both cases the user can apply payments to the receipt as normal.

If an order is cleared without taking payment the system automatically deducts outstanding amounts from the regulars account.
Users are presented with this option on clearing the order.

Cached orders can be applied to regular customers simply by tapping on the order name then searching for the regular.
A search may include any regular details e.g. phone number.


See Support for more information and set-up details.